A percussion pair who have wowed audiences and inspired school children for the past three years have been chosen by a leading percussion instrument maker as Concert Artists and Regional Educational Artists. Duo Percussion is the partnership of Dave Robilliard and Brennan Connolly – a professional percussion pairing with a passion for fostering creativity within the next generation. Dedicated to a diverse program, they use traditional and non-traditional percussion instruments to present an eclectic and high-energy concert of classical and contemporary music that is committed to musical excellence.

They are thrilled to have been singled out by Pearl/Adams Drums and Concert Percussion. Not only has Duo Percussion been named a Concert Artist, both Dave and Brennan have also been individually named as Regional Education Artists.

Pearl Corporation is a wholesale distributor of drums, percussion instruments and flutes. Pearl is also the exclusive U.S. distributor of Adams timpani and concert percussion instruments. Pearl Drums and Adams Musical Instruments are the choice of world-class soloists, orchestras, composers, and educators alike because the craftsmanship, sound quality, and technical innovations are the highest quality specifications in the world making them truly world-class instruments. It is this commitment to the highest quality instruments, and to the music and sound that they are built to produce, that makes them the choice of the world’s professionals.

The musicians of Duo Percussion are honoured by their selection by Pearl/Adams Drums and Concert Percussion and look forward to working alongside these companies to help build music and music education in Canada!

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