maquette_illustr_VICTORYQUEST_bAfter almost five years of school shows, Duo Percussion is taking a new educational approach. The twosome have agreed to a partnership with Jeunesses Musicales Canada that will see them design a brand new school show titled “Victory Quest!”. Under the guidance of stage director Sue Miner, Dave and Brennan are working to create a musical and dramatic experience that will amuse, entertain and educate staff and students alike about the wonderful world of percussion. “Victory Quest!” will follow Dave and Brennan through a fantasy land as they seek to learn more about how their music affects others. Here is a synopsis…

Power up with Brennan and Dave, as they scramble through a musical adventure filled with an explosion of different sounds and instruments of the percussion world. Join them as they discover that the marimba, vibraphone, drums, gongs, and tambourines can take them on a journey to different worlds of intrigue and surprising treasure. Featuring many genres of music from pop to classical to video game, this dynamic musical duo will leave you wanting to leap up and shout “Victory!”.

Victory Quest is designed for ages 6-12 and will be presented by Jeunesses Musicales Ontario. Bookings are available now for January 2013 through until June 2015 by contacting Vanessa Goymour at JMO.

To book a “Victory Quest!” show at your school, visit our Contact Page and select “Victory Quest!”.

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