School Concerts

“‚Ķenthusiastic, inspiring, talented and incredibly engaging!”

Mark Domm
Music Teacher, Waterloo-Oxford DHS

Duo Percussion presents interactive, curriculum-based school concerts that are entertaining as much as they are educational! Their versatility on numerous instruments exposes students to a variety of new sounds and creates a musical palette that is rarely heard and seen in the school system. This diversity includes duets for the marimba, vibraphone, tambourine, drum set, hand drums, multi-percussion and more! Not only does Duo play for your students, but they too get a chance to participate in the music making!


Duo Percussion provides a wide variety of workshops that can be catered directly to the level of your students and the needs of your program. Workshops can be given to percussionists and non-percussionists alike! Not only are the workshops interactive and challenging, but your kids will get to experience learning on instruments to which they are rarely exposed. A great way to follow up the school concert! Duo offers the following workshops…

  • Rhythm 101
  • Marketing in the Arts
  • African¬†Drumming
  • General Concert Percussion Technique
  • Percussion Sectional / Percussion Ensemble / Drumline Rehearsal
  • Percussion Accessories Techniques

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Our Commitment to Music Education

Duo Percussion understands the trouble with arts funding and budget issues that exist in music education. We would rather have students further their music appreciation and learn more about playing percussion than lose out because of tough financial circumstances. Please do not hesitate to contact us regardless of your school’s situation in order to discuss arrangements regarding our interaction with your school and your students!

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